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The Onlife Manifesto – Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era 

Download | Introduction  Luciano Floridi On the 8th of February 2013, The Onlife Manifesto1 was released at an inaugural event held in Brussels by DG Connect, the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology. The Manifesto was the outcome of … Continuar a ler

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A Beginner’s Guide to Data & Analytics | Guia

Download | Data is ubiquitous. It’s collected at every purchase made, flight taken, ad clicked, and social media post liked—which means it’s never been more accessible to organizations. Yet, access to data isn’t all it takes to set a business … Continuar a ler

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Metodologias ativas de aprendizagem | guias

Download | Publicações da Universidade Politécnica de Madrid.

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Crest or Trough? How Research Libraries Used Emerging Technologies to Survive the Pandemic, So Far | e-Book

Download | Introduction In the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was impossible to tell if we were at the crest of a wave of new transmissions, or a trough of a much larger wave, still yet to peak. … Continuar a ler

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 Pais, filhos & tecnologia | e-Book

Download | A publicação destina-se sobretudo a pais e educadores, abordando temas como as estratégias e os estilos parentais na regulação do uso da Internet por parte dos mais jovens. O papel dos pais, encarregados de educação e educadores na … Continuar a ler

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